Ingenoor Kwak

Ingenoor Kwak (5 June 1968) studied law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and after being sworn in as a lawyer in 1994 immediately became involved in property law.


The Property Law practice groups at Derks Star Busman and Stibbe provided her with the tools and experience to provide expert advice on acquisitions, rights of leasehold, apartment rights and easements, drafting and assessing leases, supervising building projects and sale-and-leaseback arrangements, and in litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Ingenoor acts for companies whose principal activity involves property, such as property developers, building companies, housing associations and investors. Companies and institutions too for which business accommodation is important, such as supermarket chains, international banks, municipalities, housing association and large companies are also among her clients. She regularly deals with rent matters for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Her clientele forms a strong network. Thanks to her experience with an international law firm, she maintains good contacts with foreign colleagues. In addition, she has developed her own network at an administrative, official and commercial level in the region of The Hague, which has enabled her to take the step of setting up her own practice in The Hague.

Property law demands not only a feeling for commercial interests and a practical approach, but also a thorough legal grounding. In 1997 she completed the specialist course in landlord and tenant law of the Landlord and Tenant law Lawyers’ Association (VHA) in 1997, the specialist course in property at the Grotius Academy in 2000 and the follow-up course in property at the Grotius Academy in 2004. Each year she attends refresher courses in accordance with the requirements of the Netherlands Bar Association.

She has published several times on aspects of property, and is the co-founder and until recently – until her practice made it impossible for her to continue – the editor of the Tijdschrift voor Huurrecht Bedrijfsruimte (TvHB). Three years ago she wrote a booklet on investment in Dutch property for the firm she was working for at the time. She is a member of the Landlord and Tenant Law Lawyers’ Association, the Construction Lawyers Association and the Property Lawyers Association. She also teaches private law at the SOM, the educational institute of the NVM and has taught practical theory for the compulsory professional course of the Netherlands Bar Association.

Ingenoor is regarded as a native of The Hague, but with Rotterdam and Amsterdam traits: a strong legal grounding, without the tendency to burden clients with woolly advice, and not afraid to tackle things head on if the case so demands. She believes in cooperating with her clients, each of whom are experts in their own field and know what they want. Because of the firm’s small size, lines of communication with the client are short, and so the client can be assured of receiving specialist assistance as and when required, at very reasonable rates.